Sky Sport Now Redemption

Purchase a selected Samsung TV between May 1st 2024 and June 4th 2024 and redeem a Sky Sport Now subscription*.

Please note that all claims must be registered below by June 18th 2024, and incomplete claims must be completed by November 18th 2024. To register a claim, proof of purchase is required. To complete a claim, products must be physically received and serial number obtained. Please enter “0000” in the Serial number field to register your claim, even if you have not received your product yet. See Terms and conditions for full details.

*Via redemption. Selected models only. Exclusions apply. Valid until June 4th 2024.

Participating Eligible Products

SKU Bonus Subscription
QA98Q80CASXNZSky Sport Now 6 months
QA85Q80CASXNZSky Sport Now 6 months
QA75Q80CASXNZSky Sport Now 6 months
QA85Q70CASXNZSky Sport Now 6 months
QA75Q70CASXNZSky Sport Now 6 months
QA85Q60CASXNZSky Sport Now 6 months
QA75Q60CASXNZSky Sport Now 6 months
UA85CU8000SXNZSky Sport Now 6 months
UA75CU8000SXNZSky Sport Now 6 months
QA85LS03BASXNZSky Sport Now 6 months
QA75LS03BASXNZSky Sport Now 6 months

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